Lifestyle on Kloof

World-renowned for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and eclectic retail offering, Kloof Street in the Cape Town CBD is a bustling little neighbourhood in its own right. Lifestyle on Kloof is conveniently located at the heart of this beautiful area and has an interesting array of stores to satisfy your needs. The centre is marketed by the full service brand solutions company, Brands … [Read more...]

New Unilever Factory from Above

Unilever is a brand that is involved in our daily lives and most of us are probably not even aware of it. Having photographed a number of their customer and S&D division functions, I get to learn so much more about the company that goes beyond more than just their brands. So when I heard that Unilever were moving their foods factory to a new site in Riverhorse Park and that … [Read more...]

Aerial Photography Showcase

I had the pleasure this week to get the opportunity to undertake some aerial photography of some specific buildings which took me on an extended route over the greater Durban area. In the process I also shot some great overall images showcasing those elements of Durban not often seen from the perspective of directly overhead. These images are captured in a Robinson RH22 … [Read more...]