The Pride of Mahogany

When you arrive at a home and your first impression is that of 'Wow' at the front door of incredible magnificence and then as we enter we are greeted with the fragrance of vanilla from the scented candles and the most welcoming home owner ... so eager to show off her sensational home. It really is such a pleasure to showcase a home for owners who are so proud in so many good … [Read more...]

I Can See Clearly Now

Last week I had a major mishap with my spectacles and they ended becoming ex-spectacles! I thus had to head off to the optometrist and organise a new pair and while I was at it I decided to have an eye test which I hadn't done for just under 2 years. My other glasses were desperately in need of replacement too, as the frames were way too loose and the lenses badly scratched ... … [Read more...]

OOOOh La La!

I was just saying the other day how it's been a while since I've had the opportunity to walk into a WOW home. Well none could be a more welcome change to the recent 'average' homes I'd been photographing of late than this masterpiece. The architecture was superb and so cleverly though out and so was the variation of the interior décor supplied by the dynamic team from O Lá … [Read more...]