Zimbali Living

"Architecture is both the process and product of planning, designing and constructing space that reflects functional, social and aesthetic considerations." - Habitat Magazine. This is none more true than for this magnificent home within a complex of homes in the estate that epitomizes Zimbali living built by Extra Dimensions Property Group. With sea views from the bedrooms on … [Read more...]

Umdloti Beach House

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to showcase another wonderful design by Metropole Architects. This location had the usual majestic cantilevers and floating planes we've come to expect from this amazing architectural firm but, due to it notĀ being within a residential estate, the design boundaries of the architecture were pushed to the limitsĀ and the sophisticated result was … [Read more...]

The Italian Villa

What a joy it is when the subject that the artist starts with is so sensational - the final artwork is bound to be spectacular. It was the case with this marvelous Italian Villa in heart of Sandton, Johannesburg. Luxurious interiors with perfect elements of personal touches, implemented by the team at Nefertiti Design, dedicated to creating a unique sense of style for each … [Read more...]

The Pride of Mahogany

When you arrive at a home and your first impression is that of 'Wow' at the front door of incredible magnificence and then as we enter we are greeted with the fragrance of vanilla from the scented candles and the most welcoming home owner ... so eager to show off her sensational home. It really is such a pleasure to showcase a home for owners who are so proud in so many good … [Read more...]

Mercedes Benz Durban

6 years ago I purchased a pre-owned vehicle (not a Mercedes unfortunately) from the NMI Motor Dealership in Old Fort Road and all those years back, in my early appreciate for architecture and the photographic capture there of, was quite taken by this car showroom and how well it showcases the vehicles for a motor dealership that is practically in the city CBD. Mercedes-Benz, … [Read more...]

OBH Valentines Dish

I'm getting a good deal of requests to photograph food or food service of late and I'm all for it. Love the capture of fine food. Latest project was to showcase the signature dish that the Oyster Box Hotel will be serving up on Valentine's Day - the creation of head chef Luke Nair. Looks very yummy if oysters are your thing. Worked hard to 'shape' the light to fill in all the … [Read more...]

I Can See Clearly Now

Last week I had a major mishap with my spectacles and they ended becoming ex-spectacles! I thus had to head off to the optometrist and organise a new pair and while I was at it I decided to have an eye test which I hadn't done for just under 2 years. My other glasses were desperately in need of replacement too, as the frames were way too loose and the lenses badly scratched ... … [Read more...]

Out of the Urban Box

I accredit a great deal of my success as an architectural photographer to Metropole Architects as it was Nigel Tarboton, one of their senior architects, who gave me the initial boost, a good few years ago now, in giving me opportunity to photograph one of their completed homes. I have never looked back and love the capture of architectural design. It just so happens that, to … [Read more...]

On Eagles Wings

This sure was a home filled with class and simple elegance. Set in the rolling hills of Zimbali Coastal Resort with views across the valley and interiors superbly implemented to this modern contemporary home. The interior work was done by Nicky Fraser of Fraser's Interiors. My favourite room of the house was the daughter's room - I'm sure most little girls would love to call … [Read more...]