Experience Imagery Full of Mood, Emotion and Precision

This blog not only aims to showcase the superb quality of the image capture of Grant Pitcher, a Durban-based photographer focusing on Architecture, Interior Spaces, Resorts and Food but also to tell a story of this exciting adventure of taking photographs not only as the eye sees it but more importantly as my heart feels it.


The Lion Match Company

This iconic South African company has a new home in Durban - The Lion Match Company perpetually strives to improve their product formulations and technology to ensure … [ View Article ... ]

SMG Umhlanga

SMG Umhlanga, part of the SMG Group, is a BMW new cars, pre-owned and bike sales showroom at Wilton Park in the Gateway region of Umhlanga, Durban. View the photographic … [ View Article ... ]

Art Meets Structural Beauty

My first commission on this wonderful home was by the an iron art sculpture artist, Brendon Edwards, who requested that I showcase 2 iron showpiece structures on either … [ View article ... ]

The Reserve House

Metropole Architects are hands down my favourite architect to feature via my high impact architectural photography that I capture on a daily basis. Their projects always … [ View article ... ]

Prince’s Grant Golf Estate

I recall playing competitive golf at Prince's Grant Golf Estate fairly soon after the course opened many years ago. It has been wonderful to return there … [ View Location ... ]

Cotswold Downs Golf Course

Cotswold Downs is a magnificent 18-hole Championship signature golf course, designed by South Africa's renowned golf course designer, Peter Matkovich. The … [ View Location ... ]