Experience Imagery Full of Mood, Emotion and Precision

This blog not only aims to showcase the superb quality of the image capture of Grant Pitcher, a Durban-based photographer focusing on Architecture, Interior Spaces, Resorts and Food but also to tell a story of this exciting adventure of taking photographs not only as the eye sees it but more importantly as my heart feels it.


Medstone Medical

Medstone Medical Centre is a new A-grade commercial building offering sectional title Retail Shops and Medical Suites specifically designed for Medical Practitioners and … [ View Article ... ]

The Lion Match Company

This iconic South African company has a new home in Durban - The Lion Match Company perpetually strives to improve their product formulations and technology to ensure … [ View Article ... ]

Art Meets Structural Beauty

My first commission on this wonderful home was by the an iron art sculpture artist, Brendon Edwards, who requested that I showcase 2 iron showpiece structures on either … [ View article ... ]

The Reserve House

Metropole Architects are hands down my favourite architect to feature via my high impact architectural photography that I capture on a daily basis. Their projects always … [ View article ... ]

Prince’s Grant Golf Estate

I recall playing competitive golf at Prince's Grant Golf Estate fairly soon after the course opened many years ago. It has been wonderful to return there … [ View Location ... ]

Cotswold Downs Golf Course

Cotswold Downs is a magnificent 18-hole Championship signature golf course, designed by South Africa's renowned golf course designer, Peter Matkovich. The … [ View Location ... ]