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This blog not only aims to showcase the superb quality of the image capture of Grant Pitcher, a Durban-based photographer focusing on Architecture, Interior Spaces, Resorts and Food but also to tell a story of this exciting adventure of taking photographs not only as the eye sees it but more importantly as my heart feels it.

Exploring Tel Aviv in Israel

In April of 2017, I was commissioned to showcase a sensational residential home, TLV House, in the suburbs of Tel Aviv designed by world-class architects, Metropole … [ View Article ... ]

Downtown Honolulu in Hawaii

To end of the year of 2016, I spent some time on assignment on the islands of Hawaii. I took the opportunity to capture the beauty of downtown Honolulu, the big city on … [ View Article ... ]

Amazing Wild Fig

To photograph the home that is owned by a director of one of the companies that I have had the pleasure of being involved with marketing their work for many years, it is … [ View article ... ]

North Coast Jewel

Recently I was requested to showcase a new listing for The Beach House Letting Co. The owner of the company mentioned to me that I should allow a bit of extra time for … [ View article ... ]

Indigo Fields Spa Retreat

Indigo Fields Farm House & Spa is a little haven of tranquility in the rolling hills of the Nottingham Road area of the KwaNatal Midlands. It was such … [ View Location ... ]

Montusi Mountain Lodge

This post is so long overdue! But so necessary as a resort as special as Montusi Mountain Lodge, in the idyllic area of the Northern Drakensberg, deserves … [ View Location ... ]