TLV House, Israel

TLV House is situated just outside Tel Aviv in Israel and for me this project realized a career-long goal in being commissioned to showcase architecture in another continent. The residence is designed by world-renowned architects, Metropole Architects and the design brings a bold, modern look to the Tel Aviv residential landscape. The site is an elongated, rectangular plot … [Read more...]

Zimbali Living

"Architecture is both the process and product of planning, designing and constructing space that reflects functional, social and aesthetic considerations." - Habitat Magazine. This is none more true than for this magnificent home within a complex of homes in the estate that epitomizes Zimbali living built by Extra Dimensions Property Group. With sea views from the bedrooms on … [Read more...]

Umdloti Beach House

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to showcase another wonderful design by Metropole Architects. This location had the usual majestic cantilevers and floating planes we've come to expect from this amazing architectural firm but, due to it not being within a residential estate, the design boundaries of the architecture were pushed to the limits and the sophisticated result was … [Read more...]

Art Meets Structural Beauty

My first commission on this wonderful home was by the an iron art sculpture artist, Brendon Edwards, who requested that I showcase 2 iron showpiece structures on either side of the entrance to this home. This was prior to the home being complete so the builders were still completing the final touches at this point in the project timeline. It was on this initial visit that I was … [Read more...]

The Reserve House

Metropole Architects are hands down my favourite architect to feature via my high impact architectural photography that I capture on a daily basis. Their projects always excite me immensely and there is normally such variety to capture. None can be more true than for the Reserve House in Ballito, situated right on the edge of the natural bush dividing the sea from the land. The … [Read more...]

The Gorgeous Green House

This home in a prime Durban suburb is the epitome of 'green living'. And it's intended to be that way. The owners are passionate about the environment and deeply concerned about the health of all living systems. Thus their brief to the architect, Sagnelli Associate Architects, as well as all concerned on this project, was to deliver on aspects like vertical gardens, roof … [Read more...]

The Italian Villa

What a joy it is when the subject that the artist starts with is so sensational - the final artwork is bound to be spectacular. It was the case with this marvelous Italian Villa in heart of Sandton, Johannesburg. Luxurious interiors with perfect elements of personal touches, implemented by the team at Nefertiti Design, dedicated to creating a unique sense of style for each … [Read more...]

Into the Cherrywoods

It's been a long while since I posted a residential project to this blog and it's with good reason as I don't want to post for the sake of it but this location got me excited again and quite by surprise. It is a location right on the Indian Ocean in the Zimbali Forest Estate, for sale by Seeff Ballito. This place is imaculate - from the roadside its an understated home yet … [Read more...]

The Glory of Albizia House

This place is an absolute gem and can't be described more aptly than from the words of the homeowner ... "I just love living here!". Albizia House epitomizes the perfect blend of beautifully thought-out, radical architecture by Metropole Architects, mixed with superb build quality by East Coast Construction and wonderful interiors space planning and décor by Union 3 that … [Read more...]

The Executive

The Executive is located on one of the most prime locations in Durban with majestic panoramic views of the Indian Ocean right through to the Durban Harbour. A large portion of the Estate has been set aside as a conservation area, and will feature indigenous flora and fauna, as well as water features and nature trails, creating an exclusive outdoor African lifestyle. Here you … [Read more...]