Vivobarefoot Trail Shoes

Towards the end of 2013 I teamed up with the fantastic guys from Flux Fluid Motion Headquarters in Umhlanga to get fit and back into shape. Little did I know what a wonderful journey that would be and I have achieved measurable results, all credit to Sean Temple and Shandon Carter. Checkout this dynamic form of fitness training for weight loss, core strength and obtain the … [Read more...]

Durban Retinal Associates

Though the focus of the genre of my photographic capture is mostly architecture, interiors and food, I do enjoy the exposure I get to other industries in capturing their product that they use or manufacture. This week I was commissioned by specialist ophthalmologists, Durban Retinal Associates Inc┬áto showcase the technology and process used in their specific field. It was a … [Read more...]

Outdoor Expedition Gear Showcase in the Karkloof Reserve

This past weekend I headed up to Karkloof nature reserve to work with the team from The Safari Company in showcasing a number of products for outdoor adventure holidays. The intention was to capture these products in use in the environment and situation that they would be utilized. The products included the vehicle and trailer being kitted out by Front Runner vehicle … [Read more...]

Old School Books meet Hi-tech Kindle Competition

At first glance these look like old books from yesteryear ... well yes they are old books but they can also house your new hi-tech Kindle ebook reader. The clever team from Swell Accessories have used their knowledge gained from the design and hand assembly of the iPad Bookcase cover to manufacture Kindle covers from old books. Through a long and hard search they find books … [Read more...]

Audio Beyond Imagination

I had the pleasure of doing a second set of photographs for Vivid Audio in a new location very different to the previous one. Here we showcased 3 different sets of speaker systems. Then it was great to again return to the apartment of Jared Dwyer in Glenwood for a reason other than showcasing his unique and retro apartment. The apartment was now to become a … [Read more...]

The Must-Have iPad Cover

Don't even consider getting any other cover for your new iPad or iPad2 but the Swell Bookcase from Swell Accessories. These are the epitome of beautiful design to match that of the world's greatest tablet. Keep your iPad safe, secure and scratch-free in the sculptured bamboo wooden tray where the design of the tray has been implemented as such to enhance the audio performance … [Read more...]

I Can See Clearly Now

Last week I had a major mishap with my spectacles and they ended becoming ex-spectacles! I thus had to head off to the optometrist and organise a new pair and while I was at it I decided to have an eye test which I hadn't done for just under 2 years. My other glasses were desperately in need of replacement too, as the frames were way too loose and the lenses badly scratched ... … [Read more...]

Beverages from the Southwest

What a difference it makes to finally have a proper sophisticated studio setup that I now have to use to in order to properly capture pack shot product photography. I have always had to 'make a plan' in the past in order to achieve the best results but now having our own studio setup at the Churchill Studio, it has so improved my image capture of smaller product. This was … [Read more...]

iPhone 4 – to upgrade or not?

Apple has been quite consistent in the past few years since their release of the first iPhone that they release a new version of the hardware each year around June. There was much hype and anticipation for the latest release ... the iPhone 4. It was to be completely redesigned with a new stylish, more contemporary finish and an improved camera which would capture video in high … [Read more...]

Need for Speed

The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys. That can't be more true for me but the only problem is the prices of the toys I desire are slightly out of my range of affordability. We can always dream though ... or for some of us we get asked to photograph them and can get up close and personal with these high quality watercraft made to reach very high speeds … [Read more...]