Old School Books meet Hi-tech Kindle Competition

At first glance these look like old books from yesteryear ... well yes they are old books but they can also house your new hi-tech Kindle ebook reader. The clever team from Swell Accessories have used their knowledge gained from the design and hand assembly of the iPad Bookcase cover to manufacture Kindle covers from old books. Through a long and hard search they find books … [Read more...]

Fun with Union 3 and their Chairs!

Needing some cool images of the team for their new website , I got the guys and lady fromĀ Union 3 to come into the Churchill Studio for some fun times. They brought their chairs, some good Vida Cafe coffee and I was armed with a high quality Canon 5D Mark II to document the time! Look out for their new website coming in the new year. … [Read more...]

The Must-Have iPad Cover

Don't even consider getting any other cover for your new iPad or iPad2 but the Swell Bookcase from Swell Accessories. These are the epitome of beautiful design to match that of the world's greatest tablet. Keep your iPad safe, secure and scratch-free in the sculptured bamboo wooden tray where the design of the tray has been implemented as such to enhance the audio performance … [Read more...]

Weigh-Less Success Stories

With my wife having done so well and had so much success of late with the Weight Watchers program, it was quite interesting to have gotten a referral from Alexis Diack Photography to showcase the final product of some success stories of the Weigh-LessĀ® system. In this shoot we showcased 3 ladies in 3 different outfit changes who had undergone a style makeover session the day … [Read more...]

Cremer Family

Good things come to those who wait. Quite true for this shoot as, despite the challenges we got some great images of the Cremer family. After being postponed firstly due to a surprise trip to the midlands and then Movember getting in the way of proceedings, we able to achieve a great range of images of this amazing family who have just the most incredible kids - each one so … [Read more...]

White Family

I had the pleasure to being able to work with this wonderful family this morning with both older kids being rather photogenic - if only their older son would allow me take his picture. He kept on playing the game of hiding his face but luckily we managed to coax him into looking at the lens for enough shots to capture those amazingly playful eyes! Their daughter, in contrast … [Read more...]

Ballerinas – Double Trouble!

Loved the opportunity to photograph my daughter, Nasia with her best friend, Rebecka, who was on her way to perform at her year-end ballet concert. The 2 girls had a great time performing for the camera. It was great to get familiar with the studio environment setup here in Churchill Road, Durban. Anyone want to get some studio pictures done, I need practise. Give me a call and … [Read more...]