Conquering the Giant in 2017

So we always knew that Giants 2017 was going to be about firsts. It sure wasn't to be my first time to conquer the Giant (as you could see from a few other posts to this blog) ... nor was it so for Matt Cremer, but for many years we've been so keen to give Steve a taste of 'the Mountains'. So late in 2016 we put it to Steve that he should prepare himself for 'a big hike'. He … [Read more...]

Exploring Tel Aviv in Israel

In April of 2017, I was commissioned to showcase a sensational residential home, TLV House, in the suburbs of Tel Aviv designed by world-class architects, Metropole Architects. During the off time I took opportunity to explore Tel Aviv and was shown around this beautiful city by the home owner of the residence being showcased. A few of these images are available for purchase in … [Read more...]

Downtown Honolulu in Hawaii

To end of the year of 2016, I spent some time on assignment on the islands of Hawaii. I took the opportunity to capture the beauty of downtown Honolulu, the big city on the island of Oahu, in the first light of the day and that amazing morning twilight. Honolulu really is a melting pot of cultures and a place fully geared for the tourists. So from the Hawaii State Capitol and … [Read more...]

Jared Dwyer Memorial Hike

Injisuthi - May 2016 In February of 2016 we tragically lost a friend, Jared Dwyer, in a cycling accident. As his friends we wanted to go back to the Drakensberg and conquer a region of Corner Pass that we were not able to complete with him back in 2011 due to bad weather. Jared was so keen to press on through the gale force winds and do it anyway back then! So, pictured … [Read more...]

Giants Castle Ascent 2015

This Autumn hike in early May 2015 was set for a 4 day expedition in the Injisuthi region of Drakensberg but a few of the team weren't able to make it. So Matt and myself decided to go anyway but just for one night and then have the weekend back together with family. We still had every intention of reaching the high peaks and decided that Giants Castle is the most accessible … [Read more...]

MSC Opera

Ocean cruising is one of the most fascinating things to experience. During a recent aerial showcase of a bulk carrier at Maydon Wharf in Durban Harbour, we routed back over the MSC Opera. This vessel is a cruise ship built in 2004 and currently operated by MSC Cruises. She can accommodate 2,055 passengers in 856 cabins, and host a crew complement of approximately 740. Many of … [Read more...]

Taming the Giant 2012

Each year since 2008 now I've tried to make sure I undertake at least one, if not two, multi-day hiking trips to the Drakensberg mountain range in South Africa. Winter is normally best for weather conditions and it's great to experience the colder climate that we don't normally feel in Durban. Our trip up to Giants Castle peak in May 2012 sure lived up to expectations. The … [Read more...]

Whistler Alpine Village

Whistler Village, about 60km inland from the West coast of British Columbia, Canada, played host to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and is truly an alpine village that I'm sure is rivalled by some of the best European winter destinations. The village is the heart of the Whistler Blackcomb ski area. At the end of the main village street, filled with major clothing brand stores, … [Read more...]

Majestic Downtown Vancouver Waterfront

Vancouver is not assigned the label of one of the world's most desirable cities in which to live for no reason. This city certainly has some of the most spectacular scenery and architectural beauty a metropolis could offer. With mountains on two sides and the sea on another this port city has everything to offer an architectural photographer like myself giving me a sense of … [Read more...]

Sontuli – A few Glenridge men unite

When I initially got the invite to this weekend away at Sontuli I felt quite honored. I had had a tough year thus far in many aspects. We had been making it to church on Sunday mornings when we were able to do so as Nasia, our 3 yr old daughter was starting to enjoy children's church more even though Melanie still had to go with her, but I had not been able to make homegroup … [Read more...]