TLV House, Israel

TLV House is situated just outside Tel Aviv in Israel and for me this project realized a career-long goal in being commissioned to showcase architecture in another continent. The residence is designed by world-renowned architects, Metropole Architects and the design brings a bold, modern look to the Tel Aviv residential landscape. The site is an elongated, rectangular plot spanning 4 acres and the residence is situated within the first quarter while the balance of the property is planted with fruit and olive trees. From the entrance there is a seamless and expansive view through to the olive orchard,  where the eyes are directed both in and out of the scene by floating cantilever elements so characteristic of the Metropole Architects brilliance in design.

This architectural showcase for me was not only about the international exposure and capturing world-class architecture, but also about the amazingly sincere hospitality of the home owners who ensured that the architect and myself became immersed into the Israeli culture as much as possible through the times spent with them in their home as they showed off their city of residence. What an honour to have met such wonderful people and I will fondly remember this experience forever. Below are a wide range of images to show the architecural design, use of space utilized within the site as well as the flow and space planning of the interiors.

The success of team. Here the project team assess their sensational work.

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