Into the Cherrywoods

It's been a long while since I posted a residential project to this blog and it's with good reason as I don't want to post for the sake of it but this location got me excited again and quite by surprise. It is a location right on the Indian Ocean in the Zimbali Forest Estate, for sale by Seeff Ballito. This place is imaculate - from the roadside its an understated home yet … [Read more...]

The Glory of Albizia House

This place is an absolute gem and can't be described more aptly than from the words of the homeowner ... "I just love living here!". Albizia House epitomizes the perfect blend of beautifully thought-out, radical architecture by Metropole Architects, mixed with superb build quality by East Coast Construction and wonderful interiors space planning and deĢcor by Union 3 that … [Read more...]

The Executive

The Executive is located on one of the most prime locations in Durban with majestic panoramic views of the Indian Ocean right through to the Durban Harbour. A large portion of the Estate has been set aside as a conservation area, and will feature indigenous flora and fauna, as well as water features and nature trails, creating an exclusive outdoor African lifestyle. Here you … [Read more...]

A View of Simbithi

This magnificent home, designed by Hans Coetzee Architect and the interior spaces by Union 3, is set back on the higher hills of Simbithi Eco Estate with majestic views across the estate to the Indian Ocean in the distance. The big clouds brought in by the overcast weather added wonderful drama to the low-light exterior elevations of the home. … [Read more...]

Open Plan Splendour

Following on from the Urban Park project, I was in store for another sensational residential interiors project by the designers at Union 3 who teamed up with architect Mark Leslie-Smith, who designed this one of a kind home, in all of its well-proportioned, open plan splendor. The understated entrance to the home allows you experience the grand double volume space but then as … [Read more...]

Down at the Cotswolds

Peter Ries Architects are a practise whose work I very much appreciate and enjoy to showcase. This home, designed by Peter Ries Architects, is situated in the Cotswold Downs Estate in Kwazulu Natal. Having previously photographed two other sites for magazine editorials by the same architect in the estate I was excited by the prospect that this home would offer and it certainly … [Read more...]

One on Herwood

One on Herwood is an upmarket residential developmentĀ designed by PGA Architects, with panoramic sea views of the Umhlanga coastline through the bay of Durban. With interior spaces by Jossi Interior Design, the sassy and sophisticated reception area is most welcoming and exudes luxury from the moment you enter the complex. This development is sure to sell well in its first … [Read more...]

Ode to Pambathi

This residence is a prime example of meticulous planning and attention to detail coming together to achieve a completed architectural sculpture that can truly be inhabited and surely be called 'home'. With every room in the home taking in the views of the dam in front of it as it wraps the edges of the waters bringing peace and tranquility to the existence within a this … [Read more...]

The Beach House

Although not right on the beach, this home named 'The Beach House' proudly overlooks the Simbithi Golf Estate with majestic views to the Indian Ocean. With a clever use of site in the design process, Hans Coetzee Architect, together with the home owners, have brought a delightful family home to life. … [Read more...]

The Blue Hour

WOW to the 'blue hour'! The blue hour is term used by videographers and photographers to describe the intense blue light that is displayed in the sky around 20-30 minutes before sunrise or after sunset or at the onset or climax or civil twilight. So it doesn't actually last an hour but merely about 5 to 10 minutes of 'perfect' light to capture architectural elements in what I … [Read more...]